Termite & Fire Protection

BuildShield is a revolutionary solution for termite and firestop protection in an ICF wall.

BuildShield Termite is a modern solution for an age old adversary. Build in protection, don’t just treat it. BuildShield Termite Barrier combines a patent-pending combination of a PVC extrusion track and an adhesive stainless steel barrier. The track and stainless steel barrier extend from inside the concrete core to the exterior wall finish creating an impenetrable barrier to termites.

BuildShield ICF Termite Protection is compatible with wood and concrete floor systems and all exterior finishes.

BuildShield FireStop combines a patent-pending combination of a vinyl extrusion track and adhesive stainless steel barrier at the top of a wall or floor transition to prevent hot gasses or sparks from spreading fire into an attic or space between floors.

BuildShield FireStop Protection is a barrier preventing flame spread behind walls in your home or building. BuildShield FireStop Protection combines a PVC extrusion track and stainless steel barrier. Placed at the top of a wall or floor transition, this barrier prevents hot gases and sparks from spreading behind wall finishes via a chimney effect into an attic or between floors. BuildShield maintains the integrity of fire rated floor systems.


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