BuildBrace Vertical Steel Post

  • SKU:  00BRVSP

The newly redesigned BuildBrace Safety Rail attaches to the Build1 ICF Bracing and Alignment System.
In 2016 BuildBrace introduced a new safety rail design for the Build1 bracing system. BuildBrace made this slight change to the steel vertical safety posts for increased worker safety. The new post now curves inward placing the safety rail closer to the workers. The option to affix a steel vertical safety rail post was introduced as a standard feature in mid-2014 and is fitted with this option standard only on the Build1 ICF Braces (not Build3).
Please verify which style you need.
Please verify your current style by checking the platform pocket for the wood post. If their platform pocket is sized for a 2x6 wood post, then they are not affixed with the option to hold a steel post. If their platform pocket is sized for a 2x4 wood post, the bracing will accept the steel post. Lastly, a hole is also pre-drilled to pin the steel post in place.