Build3 - 3 Piece 12' Brace

  • SKU:  00BRBUILD312

Build3 3-Piece ICF Bracing System

BuildBrace Build3 - 3-Piece Alignment System

The Build3 alignment system includes the vertical strongback designed for BuildBlock heavy-duty attachment points, platform bracket, and outrigger with 3-way anchor system.
Build3 combines BuildBrace’s exclusive alignment control at platform level with the simplicity and durability of a conventional three-piece system. The pin-on platform bracket mounts to the 14-gauge galvanized steel strongback with the outrigger connecting to the platform bracket.

Alignment is the most important part of your ICF project. 

When straight walls are your trademark and productivity is your reputation, there are no substitutes for using BuildBrace ICF bracing systems. ICF contractors across North America, trust BuildBrace as the most user-friendly bracing system available. That’s because BuildBrace offers features that truly make wall alignment a one-person task with perfect results. From storage, setup and alignment of residential, commercial and multi-story buildings, BuildBrace is the straight forward choice.

Build3 Benefits:

  • Platform Level Alignment Control: One person, one adjustment point at footplank level. Designed for single person use, you can measure and make adjustments without leaving the platform. This revolutionary alignment control is designed to minimize setup time and maximize worker efficiency.
  • Designed for BuildBlock: Strongback slots designed to match BuildBlock high-density attachment points.
  • Enclosed Adjustment: Enclosed unit is protected from concrete spillage and mud.
  • 3 Way Anchor Foot (Screw-Rebar-Stake): Whether aligning the basement foundation or second story, the brace holds firm with anchor holes for rebar, wooden stakes or screws.
  • Sizes: BuildBrace ICF Braces are available in 8’, 9’, 10’ or 12’ strongback heights and is expandable to 14’ and 24’ heights.
  • Light Weight: BuildBrace braces are easy for one person to carry and setup.
  • Heavy Duty: All BuildBrace strongbacks are built with 14-gauge, galvanized steel.