ZEE T Bracket - T-Wall Bracing - 14/Box

Item: 00-FF-ZEET



ICF T-Walls Made Easy

Create ICF T-Walls easily and efficiently with the Zee Bracket from Fab-Form. Forming T-junctions with ZEEs eliminates three marriage lines at each junction and reduces ICF waste from cut blocks.

Reinforce Offset Corners

Offset corners are always a challenge to brace. ZEEs allow you to do this quickly without having to rip down plywood and waste dimensional lumber. As ZEEs can be reused many times, their effective cost is minimal.

Each ZEE weighs just 2.9 pounds and is easy to install using 1-1/2" x #8 deck screws. They work great with the entirety of the BuildBlock product line.

Long Lasting

ZEEs are manufactured from high-quality zinc plated steel and will withstand years of rental.

Each order comes with 14 Zee Brackets to a box.


14 per box

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