Fab-Form MonoPour Side Supports - 18/Box

Item: 00-FF-MPSS



Fab Form Mono-Pour Side Supports

Application: Monopour Supports

Manufacturer: Fab-Form Industries Ltd.

Website: http://www.fab-form.com/fastfootMp/fastfootMpOverview.php

Drill Adjustable Side Supports

  • Pairs of side supports are screwed to the internal plastic web of the ICF block at approximately 4' on center.  An electric drill + extended driver is used to quickly adjust the wall height. The side supports work with all horizontal ICF blocks with ties molded into the EPS.
  • The supports consist of a sheet metal attachment flange, 1/2" diameter threaded adjuster and an injection-molded plastic foot pad.
  • The flange is made of solid 10 gauge steel and has a metal tab that connects with the bottom of the ICF web, preventing the side support from sliding up the block. This ensures accurate wall height adjustment
  • The two-part plastic feet allows the set screw to rotate in the foot during the adjustment process and allows for 12 degrees of angular movement in all directions to accommodate uneven ground.
  • Product is sold 18 units to a box.

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