Fast-Tube 12" diameter clear column form

Item: 00-FT-12



Fast-Tube™ is a utility fabric column form for forming round concrete columns. Manufactured from high strength polyethylene, Fast-Tube™ comes on rolls 100' in length for diameters from 8" to 12" (in 2" multiples) and 50' lengths for diameters 14" to 20". Installation, pouring, and stripping is quick and easy.

Fast-Tube is manufactured from a woven high-density PE. Minor tension differences in the fabric scrim can lead to slight twisting and wrinkles.

Sustainable Advantages

  • Economic, see spreadsheet below
  • No waste: cut any length from 100' roll
  • Ships flat, 1% the space of cardboard tubes
  • Lightweight, 10% the weight of cardboard tubes
  • Strips in seconds
  • Recycle as under slab membrane
  • Undamaged by rain and moisture

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